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  • Macroon - 250gm

    Egg White, Fine White cashew nut, Sugar, No artificial colors or Flavours

  • Mascoth Halwa - 250gm

    Wheat milk Extract, Coconut Milk, Sugar, Cashew nut, No artificial colors / flavors, use R.O water

  • Tirunelveli Halwa - 250gm

    Wheat flour, Maida flour, Sugar, Vanaspathi, Cashew nuts, Cucumber seeeds, Refined oil.

  • Karupatti Halwa - 250gm

    Palm Jaggery Halwa is a healthier and sweetener instead of white sugar

  • Cashew Nuts Halwa - 250gm

    Cashew Nuts Halwa

  • Dates Halwa - 250gm

    Wheat Milk extract, Coconut Milk, Dates, Milk powder condensed Milk, Sugar.

  • Milk Halwa - 250gm

    Milk Halwa

  • Karuppatti Mittai - 250gm

    Karuppatti Mittai

  • Baby Milk Sweets - 250gm

    Full of milk, this rich sweet is even a great option to serve to your guests

  • Jangiri - 250gm

    Urad Flour, Parchment flour, Sugar, Refined oil

  • Jalebi - 250gm

    Crisp & Juicy Sweet

  • Mini Jangiri - 250gm

    Crisp & Juicy Sweet

  • Bhadhusha - 250gm

    Maida flour, Lemon Salt, Soda Salt, Vanaspathi, Sugar, Some Bush color, Refined Oil

  • Mini Bhadhusha - 250gm

    Maidha Flour, Lemon Salt, Soda salt, Vanaspathi, Sugar, Refined Oil.

  • Kalakand - 250gm

    Kalakand is a rich milk cake

  • Dry Gulab Jamun - 250gm

    Dry Gulab Jamun is an exotic sweet dish very soft and smooth served on special occasions

  • Ajmeer Milk - 250gm

    Gram flour, Milk Powder, Sugar, Ghee, Refined Oil.

  • Horlicks Mysore Pak - 250gm

    Mysore pak is a rich sweet dish prepared in Ghee

  • Kaju Katli - 250gm

    Kaju Katli is a fudge made out of cashews.

  • Kaju Pista Roll - 250gm

    Kaju Pista Roll is very popular during Diwali, it is Covered with cashew layer

  • Mothi laddu - 250gm

    Motichur laddu are soft, delish melt in the mouth ladoo made mainly with gram flour, sugar.

  • Boondi Laddu - 250gm

    Boondi Laddu is made up of equal-sized boondis made with gram flour

  • Dry Fruit Laddu - 250gm

    Deseeded dates, Tutti frutti, Sesame, Cucumber seeds, Cashew nuts, Cardamom powder, Jaggery, Ghee.

  • Munthiri Kothu - 250gm

    The Munthiri kothu is a unique festival sweet from Kanyakumari District

  • Khari Biscuit - 250gm

    Khari Biscuit layered crispy.

  • Thattai - 250gm

    Thattai is a healthy and nutritious alternative to the popular South Indian snack

  • Kara Boondi - 250gm

    Boondi is a fried snack made from chick pea flour or besan

  • Navathaniyam - 250gm

    Healthy and Natural Food

  • Masala Peanuts - 250gm

    Masala Peanuts/Kadalai is one of the famous tea time snacks in South India

  • Ragi Murukku - 250gm

    Ragi flour, rice flour, besan, asafoetida, ajwain and salt

  • Kai Suthu Murruku - 250gm

    Made from Raw Rice

  • Seer Varisai Murukku - 250gm

    This hand made murukku is the hero of every seer thattu Varisai

  • Garlic Murukku - 250gm

    Garlic Murukku

  • Kari Leaves Murukku - 250gm

    A perfect snack to have while sipping a cup of hot Tea

  • Coconut Milk Murukku - 250gm

    Thengai Paal Murukku

  • Butter Salt Murukku - 250gm

    Rice flour, besan, roasted gram flour, butter

  • Butter karam murukku - 250gm

    Butter karam murukku

  • Thenkulal Murukku - 250gm

    Rice flour, Orid dal flour. Sesame, Cumin, Salt and Refined oil

  • Mullu Murukku - 250gm

    Mullu Murukku is a traditional recipe usually made for Krishna Jayanthi

  • Seeval - 250gm

    Gram flour, Cumin Powder, Pepper powder, Asafoetida, Garlic, Salt and Refined oil.

  • Nenthram Chips - 250gm


  • Photato Chips - 100gm

    Thin slice of potato that has been either deep fried

  • Pakoda - 250gm

    Gram flour, Small onion, Chilli, Ginger, Garlic, Salt, Coriander and curry leaves and Refined oil.

  • Sweet Sev - 250gm

    Rice flour, butter, besan flour, deep frying, hot oil

  • Pepper Sev - 250gm

    Gram flour,rice flour,black pepper crushed,cumin seeds

  • Kara Sev - 250gm

    Gram flour, Chilli Powder, Cumin, Ajwain, Asafoetida, Salt and Refined Oil.

  • Roasted Pepper Cashew Nuts - 100gm

    Sea salt, garlic powder, onion powder, raw cashews, black pepper

  • Roasted Masala Cashew Nuts - 100gm

    Masala roasted cashews are a guilt-free and healthy snack made with cashew nuts

  • Corn Mixture - 250gm

    Cornflakes mixture is an easy and delicious Indian savory snack served along with Tea

  • Bombay Mixture - 250gm

    Bombay mix or chevdo is an Indian snack mix which consists of a variable mixture of spicy dried ingredients

  • Mixture - 250gm

    Gram flour, Cowpea seeds, Peanut, Chilli powder, Asafoetida, Garlic, Salt, Curry leaves, Refined oil

  • Omapodi Mixer - 250gm

    Gram flour, Ajwain seeds, Salt and Refined oil

  • Big Mixer - 250gm

    Gram flour, Cowpea seeds, Peanut, Chilli Powder, Asafoetida, Garlic, Salt, Curry leaves, Refined oil

  • Andhra Murukku - 250gm

    Super spicy Andhra cuisine

  • Thadiyangai Halwa - 250gm

    Thadiyankai (White Pumpkin), Sugar, Rose flavours, and Ghee.

  • Athirasam - 250gm

    Famous South Indian Home made Sweet

  • Kaju Sweets - 250gm

    Cashew nut, Sugar, Milk, Cardamom Powder, Rose flavour, Ghee, Glucose.

  • Mini Thattai - 250gm

    A flat thick crispy snack